19 Side Effects Diabetics HATE To Live With

side effects diabetics hate to live with

For some people, getting diagnosed with diabetes is like a death sentence.


Well just have a look at all of these side effects you have to live with:

  1. Bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections (Yummy!)
  2. Damaged blood vessels (a real problem if you’re a man who wants to pump up his pecker – bad blood flow = ED)
  3. Diabetic retinopathy (can lead to blindness. YIKES!)
  4. Dry, cracked skin (looks lovely in the mirror)
  5. Extreme thirst (you might as well carry a gallon of water on your hip)
  6. Eye issues like cataracts and glaucoma (yippee!)
  7. Foot problems (so bad, you have to check them frequently for any cuts or injuries since you can’t feel them. Amputation is a possibility at that point.)
  8. Having to urinate all the time (even when you haven’t had much to drink)
  9. Heart disease (this is always fun)
  10. High blood pressure (helping you feel stressed all the time)
  11. Ketoacidosis (builds up waste in your body – WONDERFUL!)
  12. Lack of concentration (always helpful when you’re trying to complete important tasks)
  13. Loss of consciousness (it’s great when driving or in public – NOT!)
  14. Peripheral neuropathy (impairs sensation and movement)
  15. Possibility of pancreas malfunction (SCARY!)
  16. Protein in the urine (it’s not as pleasant or helpful as it sounds)
  17. Risk of stroke (NOT good)
  18. Stomach problems (not fun on a dinner date)
  19. Sweet-swelling breath (again, it’s not as pleasant as it sounds)

Diabetes symptoms, prevention, living with diabetes infographic

Is it now obvious just how much of a death sentence diabetes can be?

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