3 LAZY Reasons Why You Can`t Lose Weight

3 Lazy Reasons Why You Can`t Lose Weight

The battle of the bulge is one fight many people will face at least once in their lives.

Sure, you may have been slim when younger. But as you age, it becomes tougher to stay that way. And easier to pack on the pounds.

While certain things like genetics and hormones play a big part in maintaining a healthy weight, DISCIPLINE also plays a big role.

If your discipline is out of whack, so will your weight. So to see if you’re slacking when snacking and doing other naughty dietary deeds, have a look at these 3 LAZY reasons why you can’t lose weight:

  1. You don’t chew your food – Yes, chewing food may seem like work. But the slower you chew, the more you’ll help your digestion. Also, chewing slowly allows your brain to tell your belly that it’s full.
  2. You eat what’s convenient – Whether it’s fast food or fatty foods that are easy to prepare, either will make you gain weight fast. A healthy meal may take more time to prepare. But in the end, that time investment is well worth it.
  3. You eat out too often“I’m tired and don’t feel like cooking. Let’s hit the restaurant or order out.” Does that mindset enter your thoughts frequently? If so, that’s a major reason why you’re losing the battle of the bulge. Besides that, however, it’s also quite expensive and will put a dent in your wallet.

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I’m sure there are other reasons why you may have trouble with stubborn body fat. But there’s a good chance those above are the main culprits.

How can you overcome this?

You’ll need some personal discipline, for sure. And while it may seem hard, remember that the benefits of a bit of discipline can be HUGE when you like what you see in the mirror.

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