3 Reasons To Feel POSITIVE About Your Pain

3 reasons to feel positive about your pain

Does physical pain seem to dominate your daily life? Even worse, does this result in mental pain that sometimes makes you want to give up?

If so, there’s no need to worry. Because although doctors and traditional treatments have yielded you no relief, there’s another way to keep pain at bay:


This ancient healing art has been used for thousands of years. And many people prefer it to traditional treatments like going to the doctor.


Because it WORKS fast and is obviously more affordable than those other avenues.

To give you an idea of how acupressure can bring relief to your life by simply using your hands, let’s look at 3 quick examples:

  1. Heavenly Pillar – Do you suffer from neck pain, severe headaches, insomnia, or stress? Firm strokes on the back of the neck 1/2 inch above your spine can relieve them all.
  2. Commanding Middle – If you suffer from arthritis, sciatica, or pain in your back, hips, or knees, massaging this point on the back of your knee can do the trick. Studies have shown that rubbing it for just one minute a day can provide up to 6 months of relief.
  3. Leg Three Miles – Does daytime fatigue have you down? Want to strengthen your immune system to stave off colds? Do digestive disorders like bloating, gas, and constipation make eating a chore? Then apply deep pressure to this area located beneath your knee cap and outside your shin bone to see improvements.

Just those 3 simple acupressure movements can relieve several types of pain. And this should tell you something…

That he only thing standing between you and being pain-free is a simple touch.

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