3 Reasons Why You’ll GAIN Weight Over The Holidays

reasons why youll gain weight over holidays

You’re sure to gain some material things this holiday season as you receive gifts. But here’s something else you’ll probably gain:

WEIGHT. Especially around your midsection.

Why is weight gain often linked to the holiday season?

  1. Winter weather – Unless you live in a tropical climate where it never gets cold, you’re bound to experience colder temperatures. This naturally makes us lazier and gives us the desire to stay under the covers/on the couch instead of in the gym.
  2. Food – Whether it’s an office party or a family get-together, plenty of holiday goodies will make the trip from your mouth down to your gut. To make things worse, they’re usually more fattening and calorie-filled than regular food (cookies, cakes, etc.), so they’ll pack on the pounds in a hurry.
  3. Drink – What’s a good holiday party or get-together without drinks? All that egg nog and other alcoholic beverages are loaded with empty calories that will widen your waist in no time.

Combine those 3 factors, and you have the perfect storm for gaining weight during the holidays.

How to avoid holiday weight gain

What comes right after the holidays?

New Year’s resolutions, where most people vow to lose all that extra weight they gained in such a small period of time. And this is why you see gyms so packed with new faces once January rolls around.

What happens to most of those new faces in February?

They disappear. Because not only do they lack the desire/discipline to lose weight. They also lack RESULTS.

Well no matter if you want to slim down due to holiday indulgence or just want a routine that produces results, look no further than here:

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