3 Tips To Improve Memory And Retain More Information

3 Tips To Improve Memory And Retain More Information

Do things seem to go instantly in one ear and out the other? Do you quickly forget things you read or heard?

If so, your memory could use a boost. And it may not be chemical issues your having, as your memory and info retention issues may come from bad habits.

Here are 3 tips to help you actually retain what you read/see/hear:

I have a tendency to only pay attention to things that interest me. Everything else I forget. How do I overcome this?

-You may be studying a subject that is boring as hell. If that’s the case, think of how it affects you, even if it doesn’t interest you.

If it’s studying for a test, that boring subject can determine if you pass/fail. And it can determine your future in terms of graduating or not. In short, place importance on the subject, even if it’s hard to.

I like to multitask a lot. Can this affect my learning?

-Of course it can. Whether your hearing a lecture in person or on YouTube or reading something, you need to put all distractions down and focus 100% of your attention on the source of the new info. If not, you’ll likely forget it.

I tend to get bored with one subject. So I dabble a bit here and there to “stay awake.” Is this okay?

-It’s okay if you want to forget everything fast. If you want to retain information, however, you have to focus all your energy and attention into one subject at a time. This prevents brain confusion.

Tips to improve memory and help you succeed

As you can see, focus is essential to learning. But it can be hard to focus if you suffer from brain fog, cloudy thinking, or have difficulty concentrating.

Luckily, there’s a chemical fix that takes care of those mental issues and also improves IQ, memory, and even ambition. And don’t let the word “chemical” scare you – this is 100% NATURAL:

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