3 Ways Diet Soda Makes You Fat

3 Ways Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Look around your local grocery store, and I’m sure you’ll notice something:

A ton of new products with the word DIET on them.

This isn’t a coincidence. As the whole diet and low-fat/fat-free industry has taken off recently as people look to win the battle of the bulge.

What’s one of the most popular diet products out there?

Diet soda.

And if you ask me, it’s probably what’s contributed to the weight gain of one of my “fans” who I’ll call “Lisa.”

Here’s what Lisa wrote me about her inability to drop those pesky pounds:

“Do you know how frustrating it is to be overweight, do your best, and still feel fat? I tried this method, but it didn’t do a damn thing!

It promised to help me lose unwanted pounds, but all I did was GAIN 5 pounds! I even gave up regular soda and switched to diet, and for what?”

Well, Lisa, I hope you’re reading this. Because I think I may be able to pinpoint a tiny problem:

That DIRTY diet soda you drink.

You see, this method offers that you can melt unwanted pounds. But if you down diet soda, here are 3 reasons why it will NOT work:

  1. Artificial sweeteners trick your brain – Your brain expects calories to follow once you swallow something sweet like diet soda. When they don’t arrive, it triggers the urge to overeat and consume more calories than you normally would.
  2. Insulin gets triggered – Your body tastes the sweetness of diet soda. It then anticipates higher sugar levels in the blood, triggering the release of insulin. Increased insulin output often leads to weight gain.
  3. It makes you crave more sugar – Artificial sweeteners are often sweeter than real sugar. Once you taste them, you’ll crave sugary foods that will lead to an eventual calorie overload.

How is soda can destroy your body. Why diet soda makes you fat

See how HARMFUL diet soda can be?

Consume it, and how can you expect to lose any weight, Lisa?

The answer is you can’t. So before you beg me for a refund, how about you follow The Method to the T?

Do so, Lisa, and you WILL see that fat fly off. And the same goes for anybody else reading this:

The Method That Melts Unwanted Pounds Fast