3 Ways Vegetables Can Make You FAT

3 ways vegetables can make you fat

I know you probably see vegetables as the last food on the planet that can pack on the pounds. But certain vegetable-based products will make you fat in a flurry.

Let’s take a closer look at which ones you should avoid.

Can I drink as much vegetable juice as I want without worrying about my weight?

That depends on how the juice is made. If it’s packaged or comes from a smoothie place, they’ll probably add in sugar and other things to make it taste good. At that point, you might as well chug a soda.

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How bad are vegetable dips?

Although they may have plenty of veggies in them, many vegetable dips are downright bad for you. Spinach or artichoke dip are particularly bad due to all that mayo and oil they contain.

In just 2 tablespoons of dip, you can digest around 100 calories. Add in chips that you dip into those dips, and you’re looking at a ton of fat, calories, and sodium.

What about veggie chips? Are they as bad as potato chips?

It depends. Usually, they are just as bad. And there are some that are even worse than potato chips when it comes to their calories and fat content. Sweet potato chips are particularly bad offenders.

While those veggie juice, dips, and chips all have additives that can make them bad for you, there are 2 veggies that are VERY bad for you by themselves. Avoid it or you’ll have a ton of trouble losing weight. No matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat.

See them here so you can start avoiding them