3 Weight Loss Myths That Will Make You Fat

3 Weight Loss Myths That Will Make You Fat

What’s one of the biggest problems with losing weight?

Besides the need for diet and exercise, this:

MYTHS. Or in other words, misinformation about weight loss that points you in the wrong direction and keeps you from slimming down.

Here are 3 weight loss myths you need to stop believing if you hope to win the battle of the bulge:

Myth – “Slow, gradual weight loss is better than losing weight quickly.”

Should you go on extreme, unsafe diets to lose a ton of weight fast? Of course not. But several studies show that losing weight fast in a SAFE way is not problematic and doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll put the weight back on.

After the end of the year, quick weight loss resulted in the same net loss as gradual weight loss. As for comparing results, quick weight loss often resulted in losing 66% more weight total than doing it gradually.

Myth – “You need to set realistic weight loss goals, not aggressive ones if you hope to achieve them.”

A pair of studies found that people who set realistic, more reachable weight loss goals did no better than those who planned to lose a lot of weight.

Myth – “You need to stop eating the foods you love in order to lose weight.”

If you love eating fast food 3 times a day, this may be true. However, there’s no need to starve yourself and eat like a rabbit if you want to lose weight.

Weight loss myths that will make you fat

What can you derive from those myths?

That you can set aggressive weight loss goals to slim down quickly while still eating the foods you love:

And here’s the method to do it in just a couple of weeks