5 STUPID Things Non-Diabetics Tell Diabetics

5 STUPID Things Non-Diabetics Tell Diabetics

Having diabetes is irritating enough with all the dietary restrictions, insulin shots, and finger pricks. But when you add in all the theories, myths, and comments you hear from non-diabetics, it becomes that much WORSE.

What are some stupid things a diabetes sufferer will hear from a non-diabetics?

  1. “I can’t stand needles. I don’t know how you put up with them.” – If you’re a diabetic, you really don’t have a choice. Needles become part of your daily life, whether you like it or not.
  2. “I feel your pain. My grandma has diabetes.” – Unless you are a diabetes sufferer yourself, sorry, you cannot feel my pain. Just because someone you know has it doesn’t mean you’ll understand how diabetes can change your life for the worse.
  3. “Is your diabetes the good or bad kind?” – Excuse me? There’s a good kind of diabetes? If so, sign me up. Because this bad kind is a pain in the behind!
  4. “Is it contagious?” – No. You won’t catch diabetes from simply standing near me, talking to me, or even sleeping with me. If it was contagious, I’d gladly pass it to you for saying something so stupid and offensive!
  5. “You’re not fat though.” – One doesn’t have to be visibly obese to be a diabetic. There are plenty of “fit” people who suffer from diabetes.

What’s the worst part of that list of stupidity?

The fact that it could go on FOREVER. Because I’ve heard enough stupid diabetic comments to fill a damn book.

Stupid things to tell to diabethics. Prediabetes myths

While ignorance about diabetes will probably never cease, this can:

YOUR diabetes.

How can you stop it?

By following this doctor-free method from the comfort of your own home:

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