5 Things You SHOULD Do With Your DEAD Batteries

5 Things You SHOULD Do With Your DEAD Batteries

Batteries, regardless of what type they are, present several problems:

  1. You have to constantly buy them (and they can be expensive)
  2. You have to wonder if they still have “juice” in them or not (which is impossible if you don’t have some kind of tester or meter)
  3. You have to throw them away (which is not as simple as throwing them in the trash)

I’ll get into how to avoid having to buy new batteries in a bit. But right now, let’s talk about how to dispose of dead ones:

  • Car batteries – Along with other large lead or acid batteries, they cannot be dumped in the trash or the recycling bin. Earth911 can tell you what to do with them locally.
  • Electronics batteries – Cellphone batteries, laptop batteries, etc. should be donated or dropped at an e-waste disposal site.
  • Rechargeable batteries – Should go to a collection site, as cited on the package. If you dump them regularly, their nickel cadmium can pollute the air, soil, or water.
  • Regular batteries – You can toss these in the trash in most cases. Some areas, such as California, for example, consider them hazardous waste that should be put in their own bag and dropped in specific waste bins.

What’s an easier alternative to throwing out batteries?

RECYCLING them. Which is also the way to avoid having to buy new ones…

But even better, learning how to recycle batteries means you can sell them for MASSIVE PROFIT. And that’s exactly what many people are doing right now…

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