5 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism During The Winter

tips to boost metabolism during winter

The winter months and holidays can make you feel all warm and fuzzy as you get together with family and friends. Unfortunately, they can also make you FAT.

Studies show that people tend to exercise less during the winter months due to the cold weather and other distractions.

Combine less exercise with more eating, and it’s no wonder why so many lose the battle of the bulge by the time Christmas wraps up.

Tips to bosst metabolism for weight loss. Rev your metabolism

To give your metabolism and fat-burn a much-needed boost during these waist-widening weeks, try these 5 tips:

  1. Sleep sufficiently – Getting less than the 7-8 recommended hours can slow your metabolism plus make you feel fatigued.
  2. Drop the alcohol – It has tons of calories. Plus the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that it can slow down your metabolism 73 percent.
  3. Eat resistant starch – Found in beans, grains, and potatoes, it can increase fat-burning potential after a meal by 20-30 percent.
  4. Eat a hot breakfast – Hot oatmeal, to be exact. Its high dietary fiber content can help you burn 30 percent more calories. Breakfast alone can boost your metabolism 10 percent, so don’t skip it.
  5. Drink plenty of water – 8 cups of day or more is essential. The dry winter air can increase dehydration. If dehydrated mildly, you can kill your metabolism by 3 percent.

Those simple tips will give your holiday metabolism a boost. But if you’re looking for a MAJOR year-round boost, have a look here:

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