7 Simple Questions To Clear Up Your Weight Loss Confusion

7 Simple Questions To Clear Up Your Weight Loss Confusion

Are you losing the battle of the bulge? Do you seem to be getting thicker instead of slimmer? Do you wonder if you’ll ever have that buff body you’ve always wanted?

Well you can win the battle of the bulge, get slimmer, and have that buff body you’ve always wanted starting in 18 hours…

I’ll soon tell you how to do all that.

But before I do, let’s look at some simple weight loss questions and answers that can clear up your confusion on the topic.

I try to stay away from fruit due to sugar content. How much can I eat without getting fat?

  • Just go by this simple rule: When it comes to fruit, eat it. Don’t drink it.

I work out plenty but have noticed I’m not losing weight. What’s up?

  • You’re either putting on muscle mass that will make your weight go up, or you’re consuming too many calories.

Can cutting dairy slim me down? I hear it’s a celebrity secret?

  • Dairy causes bloating. Cut it out, and you should slim down somewhat.

Does blotting pizza with a napkin before eating it help me lose weight?

  • Since you’ll blot away tons of calorie and fat-filled grease, yes, it should help a bit.

I’m trying to eat leaner, so fish is on the menu. Are there any types to avoid?

  • Yes. Avoid catfish, swordfish, and tilapia.

What’s the best way to kick-start weight loss in the morning?

  • Drink a tall glass of water.

Besides water, what’s the best drink for weight loss?

  • Green tea.

Simple questions to clear up weight loss confusion. Golden rules of weight loss

Those basics should help you blast a bit of belly fat. But if you’re looking to blast a LOT of it quickly, here’s the method I hinted about that’ll get you on that path:

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