The “Healthy” Ingredient That Causes Diabetes and Obesity

healthy ingredient cause diabetes and obesity

Of all the filthy secrets in the multi-billion-dollar food industry, this is the one they guard most carefully.

Most foods are great for your body. Even the stuff that’s not so great?

It’s fine if you eat it in the right time and the right ways. And detox your body from the really bad stuff…like this. This is so bad for you, you should just never eat it.

Now, try not to throw things across the room in a fury because if you’re trying to lose weight and take care of yourself, you’re probably eating it.

Yes… despite aisles and aisles of “low-calorie” and “zero-calorie” foods, more and more of us are more and more overweight. And diabetic. And suffering heart disease and cancer which diabetes “helps” along.

Now we know this is causing that.

And while you may be skeptical… wondering if this is another study derived from force-fed lab rats nothing could be further from the truth.

The data is in from studies of huge numbers of real people like you and me, living real lives. And now we know why zero-calorie foods give us… high-calorie bodies.

Some very common artificial sweeteners make your metabolism… completely haywire. And it’s practically impossible to avoid them. Because these sweeteners are also used in full-sugar foods to make them even sweeter.

You see, your body runs on a type of sugar called glucose. And glucose is kinda sweet. So every time you eat anything sweet, your metabolism asks, Glucose? If there’s glucose, your metabolism says Great, eat enough to use… Tastes great… I’m full…. I’m done. If there’s no glucose, your metabolism makes you go get some.

These artificial sweeteners are so incredibly, intensely sweet, they send your metabolism on a frenzied glucose hunt.
Where’s the glucose!
I need it now!!
Too much is not enough!!!

Eat them and you double your chance of becoming obese… and developing the diabetes… cancer… and even heart disease that go hand-in-hand with obesity.

diabetes symptoms

Unless you reset your metabolism… with the right delicious foods.

Because weight loss isn’t about starving yourself. It’s about detoxing your body from all these weird additives and chemicals designed to make you eat… and eat… and eat. Allowing your metabolism to use all those stored calories for fuel.

Ripe, red superfruits and rich, luscious superfoods make this the most incredibly delicious detox plan imaginable. In fact, you’ll think these smoothies are decadent desserts.
Except you’re gonna need smaller clothing.

I sure do.

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