Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

eat fat to lose fat fast

Maybe you’ve endured one of those low-fat diets that made you dream about plain, fresh bread with real butter… like it was the most sinful and decadent of desserts.

And then you were disappointed because you didn’t lose nearly the weight you should have. In fact, if you’re like most people, you probably regained all the weight you lost, plus more.

I’ve “enjoyed” that experience myself. And I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. Your body uses good fats to repair the cells in your body… including your muscle cells, which burn fat.

So if you don’t eat enough good fat, you can’t lose weight.

And no, these fats do not have anything to do with fish. (Although that’s a great guess.)

Fats also make food taste good and unlock its nutritional content.  Yet because fat has a lot of calories—9 per gram—it has been demonized as fattening.

So food manufacturers replace those vital, healthy, natural fats with something your body absolutely does not need. They then label those foods low-fat, even though this ingredient forces you to become fat.

And they know it.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat. Superfoods that burn Fat

To make matters worse, they often add cheap bad fats that are made with chemicals you would never, ever eat. Chemicals that leave their residues behind. And it takes just a tiny amount of them to derail, disrupt and destroy your body’s ability to repair itself.

One of those bad fats is so-called “healthy” canola oil.

Fortunately, your body has an amazing ability to repair itself with some delightfully delicious superfoods, including a good fat that makes the most luscious, decadent desserts:

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