How Can Eating More Calories Help You Lose Weight?

how eating more calories help lose weight

If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve probably been told… and told… and told… eat less and move more! Well, if that were true, none of us would have a weight problem.

You’re not going to want to miss this super-controversial, absolutely scientific truth that turbocharges your ability to lose weight.

There are good calories and bad calories. That’s right. Calories are different.

Some calories make you hungry, famished, ravenous. No matter how many of these calories you eat, your body has to have more of them. Forcing you to gain weight.

Other calories give you energy to burn for hours, and when you’re hungry, it’s a normal, time-for-lunch hunger. You can eat plenty of these great-tasting foods, shed massive amounts of weight, and have tons of energy.

Despite eating fewer calories. No counting necessary. Maybe that sounds like magic or pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo but…

You wouldn’t put diesel into a gas engine. Or gas into a diesel engine.

You know better. Different foods affect you in very different ways. The crazy thing?

Eating more calories for Weight Loss. Eat more gaim less.

Gaining weight has almost nothing to do with how many calories and almost everything to do with what type of calories. And yes, this is must-share real science known for over 100 years… buried by a food industry that wants us to eat, a lot, all the time.

Now confirmed by a revolutionary new study… that you must know about if you really want to lose weight. A study that reveals an unbelievable ingredient that makes us constantly hungry… all the time… no matter what.

And prepare to be enraged…because the food industry is trying to bury this study. They use this ingredient to hijack your metabolism and force you to eat…and gain weight.  And yet… the truth is out there. That’s right. A revolution is brewing. Of good people regaining control over their own bodies.

And their most important weapon?

Some rich, decadent, indulgent fat-burning superfoods… combined with breakthrough science.

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