This is Looking Ugly and Serious – Are YOU Ready?

looking ugly and serious

It’s looking pretty grim overseas.

I don’t mean in the middle east or in places where we know we have enemies.

Right there, in the heart of respectable and polite London.

Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘Brexit’ and how Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union?

Have you heard that their parliament is disintegrating? The pound sterling has crashed?

And people are getting angry, with ordinary people turning violent and heating up?

It’s getting really ugly and the authorities are getting prepared for mass civil disorder.

The ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ we associate with the Brits has packed and gone, families are terrified as the new nasty England starts to boil over. People, especially the old – who are being blamed and targeted by the younger generation, are stocking up and getting ready to go to ground when it boils over.

Now here’s the bizarre thing… This madness has kicked off in just a few days – triggered by a simple, single democratic political event. Is that batshit crazy or what?

Suppose this happens in the USA? Perhaps something Trump or Clinton will do with light the touch-paper?

And you know what would make it much more devastating here in the USA?


Are you stocked up? Are you ready to defend your home, your family & yourself? Can you treat the injuries you may sustain?

It pays to be prepared:

Click to watch the video and be ready.