How To Lose 180 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS Using Your Microwave

how to lose 180 pounds using microwave

Reading that title probably made you wonder a few things:

  1. “How the hell will I lose 180 pounds if I don’t even weigh that much?”
  2. “How does someone lose so much weight so fast without dropping dead?”
  3. “What the hell does a microwave have to do with it?”

Here’s how all 3 tie together…

An Illinois mother of 6 set the Guinness World Record for the fastest weight loss via diet in human history…

According to the World News Daily Report, the woman cooked everything she ate in her microwave. Doing so somehow magically made everything healthy. And in the end, she lost a whopping 180 pounds…

She claimed she was worried about microwaving everything due to toxic radiation and the possibility of cancer. But once she saw results from nuking her food, she was hooked…

She now says everything has to run through the microwave. And she can even eat fatty fast food without worry because the microwave eliminates the possibility of weight gain…

That last claim supposedly landed her a publicity deal with the fast food chain Wendy’s. But take this news story with a grain of salt…


Because it comes from the World News Daily Report. And if you ask me, that sounds like a tabloid rag that reports on things like the “Bat Boy.”

Weird diet tips. How to lose 180 pounds using your microwave

Can I promise you’ll lose something outrageous like 180 pounds in 30 days with this breakthrough method?

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