5 Major MYTHS About Hearing Loss and how to REVERSE it

major myths about hearing loss

Hearing loss is affected by approximately 15% of the population. And while that number represents a whole lot of humans, most have no idea about what it truly is.

To help you become informed, let’s have a look at 5 major myths when it comes to hearing loss:

1. MYTH: It is only affects old people

– Sure, hearing loss may be more common with old age. But it can affect young people too who have experienced trauma, excess exposure to audio devices, inflammation, and more.

2. MYTH: It is completely genetic.

-Only about half of the children born with hearing loss have it due to genes.

3. MYTH: Loud music won’t cause hearing loss.

-The number of young people who have experienced it has grown over the years. You can attribute this to the growth in popularity of headphones and portable music players.

4. MYTH: When you lose hearing, everything just becomes quieter.

-Most sufferers say that sound becomes distorted, unclear, and muffled, instead of just quieter.

5. MYTH: It`s cannot be reversed. Once you lose your hearing, it’s gone for good.

-Believe it or not, it can be reversed thanks to new methods like this one. Still, it’s important to do all you can to protect your hearing and prevent hearing loss in the first place, such as avoiding loud, constant noise via headphones.

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