Zika Virus? (Be Very Careful Who You Sleep With)

Zika Virus? (Be Very Careful Who You Sleep With)

A new report in Emerging Infectious Diseases has revealed something new about the Zika virus:

It can survive in men and women LONG after the initial infection is over.

A 26 year old U.S. woman returned from Honduras in May of this year. Here’s what doctors discovered about her odd Zika case:

  1. She developed Zika symptoms 5 days after returning to the U.S. (fever, headache, rash) – NORMAL
  2. Zika was found in her saliva 8 days after her return – NORMAL
  3. Zika was found in her vagina 14 days after – ABNORMAL
  4. Zika was found in her red blood cells 81 days after – ABNORMAL

Luckily, the woman recovered on the 17th day. But the fact that Zika was found in her vagina and red blood cells so long after the initial infection teaches us this:

Be CAREFUL who you sleep with…

Doctors now believe that Zika can be transmitted from females to males via intercourse. And with no symptoms present, you could be hit with a NASTY surprise.

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